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Our Story

We went through it. And we noticed things that can be better. This is why Explain It Doctorly was made. Be it from NBME explanations or clerkship advising, we are here to pass down the expertise and knowledge, so you can have an even more successful journey.

A student run website made specifically for you. The team at Explain It Doctorly are a combination of medical students and resident physicians that have combined our experience in order to enhance medical student learning.

Explain It Doctorly was initially founded to solve one of the longest challenges in USMLE board studying – NBME answer choice and explanations. We spent over a year creating expert explanations, so students do not waste time searching for them. We are confident this will make a difference in your board preparation and are excited to see the results!

Stay tuned! Moving forward, we will be adding more educational modules to help you crush every stage of your journey. As always, we are here for you.

Our Values



We are committed to your success. We firmly believe that we win when you win.



Our team has worked endlessly to give you the highest quality product. We are sure you will love it – but please reach out to our team for any questions.



We are continuously creating to provide you with the most up to date educational modules.

Our Mission


To create exceptional educational products with the intention to put students all across the globe in the path to success.

Explain it Doctorly Team